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InnovMetric Adds Play Inspection Tool to PolyWorks

By DE Editors

InnovMetric Software announced that a new Play Inspection tool, which automatically builds a guided step-by-step sequence to capture 3D datasets of a new piece, has been fully integrated into Phase II of DirectReplay, released in version 12.1 of PolyWorks.

Phase I of DirectReplay, which focused on handling point-cloud-only measurement tasks, simplified the inspection of multiple pieces with its Play Extraction tool and automatic project update capabilities, the company says. This allowed users to directly measure and inspect a new piece from an existing inspection project without recording operations, programming, or scripting. The Play Inspection tool adds automation to the inspection of multiple pieces, and provides a guided sequence that is automatically built in real time and handles point-cloud digitizers and probing devices.

The tool can automatically propose a logical order of measurement (based on device positions, data alignments, object tree view sequence, and geometric constraints); trigger the right measurement method for each object (laser scanner plug-in, file browser, or probing device); and manage multiple device positions.

“The release of version 12.1 brings an empowered DirectReplay technology that greatly simplifies multi-piece inspection,” said Marc Soucy, president of InnovMetric. “PolyWorks v12.1 becomes the first 3D metrology solution to deliver a remeasurement process that is automatically generated and guided, and in which point cloud digitizers and probing devices are managed in one integrated workflow.”

For more information, visit InnovMetric Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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