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InnovMetric Launches PolyWorks V11 Pre-Release Version

By DE Editors

InnovMetric Software Inc. has pre-released its PolyWorks V11 hybrid metrology solution to all of its end-users and distributors worldwide.

PolyWorks V11 includes a new multiple coordinate system, alignment history management, teaching and offline programming of feature probing tasks, multiple device position handling, and manual CMM support. PolyWorks V11 can handle millions of points measured by high-density point cloud digitizers as well as datasets produced by contact-based probing devices such as articulated arms and laser trackers.

Tooling and assembly applications now benefit from integrated statistical process control (SPC) methodologies, suited to evaluating the repeatability and reproducibility of a process or diagnosing manufacturing issues in a set of pieces.

A new alignment technique in V11 that brings a measured part within a tolerance band is now available to guarantee the manufacturability of a casting and help balance the casting position on a machining tool.

Airfoil manufacturers now have access to a virtual fixturing solution with the possibility of using edge or shank alignment targets. Plastic part manufacturers benefit from a new offset cross-section object, enhanced caliper technology, and a GD&T upgrade that includes tolerance zone mobility modifiers and surface profiles.

PolyWorks V11 also offers a major upgrade for reverse engineering applications. The PolyWorks V11 NURBS surface fitting methodology is based on a new algorithmic approach that produces super-smooth surfaces from noisy digitized models, in order to maximize the usability of fitted surfaces once imported in a customer’s corporate CAD application.

InnovMetric is also releasing a new optional Advanced Manufacturing module for its PolyWorks/Modeler package. This new module offers the possibility of creating quadrilateral meshes from digitized models and compensating tool surfaces based on part deviations.

For more information, visit InnovMetric.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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