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InnovMetric Software Announces Intermediate Release of PolyWorks

By DE Editors

InnovMetric Software Inc. has announced the latest intermediate release of the PolyWorks universal 3D metrology platform, V12.0.3. The new version features support for a PolyWorks/Talisman app. The app allows Apple mobile devices to display real time laser-scanned points as they are captured.

Equipped with PolyWorks/Talisman and an Apple mobile device, laser scanning operators can get immediate visual and audio feedback instead of having to go back to their computer. PolyWorks/Talisman is free and available from the Apple App Store.

“PolyWorks/Talisman is a time-saving application for 3D metrology data capture. Some customers have already reported that it contributes to lowering the costs of measuring parts by more than 50 %. Live laser scanning display is just one of many major productivity enhancement tools that we will introduce in the coming months,” said Marc Soucy, president of InnovMetric Software.

For more information, visit InnovMetric.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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