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InnovMetric Software Announces New PolyWorksV12 Features

By DE Editors

InnovMetric Software has announced that version 12 of PolyWorks incorporates the new DirectReplay technology that is designed to simplify multi-piece inspection tasks performed with any point cloud digitizer or tactile probing device.

PolyWorks V12 introduces a new software architecture in which the operator’s intent is directly embedded in the inspection project itself, without having to rely on an operation history tree.

According to the company, PolyWorks V12 offers specific benefits to those who need to inspect multiple pieces:

  • Self-learning parametric traceable projects. All measurement parameters are automatically recorded within measurement objects, and all report items (tables, snapshots, etc.) retain the conditions in which they were created.
  • Adaptive learning capabilities. At any time, the operator can modify the inspection project and initiate the measurement of a new piece without having to edit an operation history tree.
  • Flexible re-measurement process. While measuring a new piece using DirectReplay, operators may interrupt the re-measurement process and perform manual operations, then resume re-measurement.
  • Universal 3D metrology platform. DirectReplay is designed for the PolyWorks universal platform and handles all point cloud digitizers as well as all tactile probing devices such as articulated arms, optically tracked touch probes, laser trackers, and manual CMMs.

PolyWorks V12 is scheduled for pre-release in April 2011, and will be demonstrated at the Control trade show held in Stuttgart, Germany, on May 3-6.

For more information, visit InnovMetric Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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