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InnovMetric Software’s Site Offers 3D Digitizing Hardware Section

By DE Editors

InnovMetric Software is offering a new hardware review section on its corporate website to guide end-users in their selection of a 3D digitizing technology. Prepared with the collaboration of the 3D Imaging and Modeling Metrology Group of the National Research Council of Canada, the new section: 

  • Surveys high-density non-contact digitizing technologies, including their principles, characteristics, and key advantages and disadvantages
  • Highlights the difference between the digitizing technology itself and the mechanical, optical, or algorithmic 3D monitoring method used to move the 3D digitizer around a part to fully capture its geometry (also called External Frame of Reference or EFR)
  • Presents graphs illustrating the performance of 3D digitizing technologies and EFR methods in terms of accuracy, volume, flexibility, dynamic range, resolution, and portability 

For more information, visit InnovMetric Software Inc.  

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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