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InspectionXpert Adds Support for SolidWorks 2010

By DE Editors

Extensible CAD Technologies’ InspectionXpert for SolidWorks now supports SolidWorks 2010. The InspectionXpert product line, which includes InspectionXpert for SolidWorks, is a quality control oriented platform used to generate inspection report forms and ballooned inspection drawings directly from SolidWorks.

InspectionXpert for SolidWorks can extract nominal dimensions, plus/minus tolerances, units, geometric tolerances, hole callouts, surface finishes, weld symbols, and notes directly from inside of SolidWorks and then export them to Microsoft Excel. Uniquely numbered inspection balloons are added next to each extracted inspection characteristic (e.g. dimension, geometric tolerance, etc.) for easy navigation between the drawing and the inspection report form.

For more information, visit Extensible CAD Technologies.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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