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Integrate Motion and Stress Analyses

By Anthony J. Lockwood

SimWise image courtesy of DST.

DST (Design Simulation Technologies, Inc. Canton, MI) announced the release of version 8.5 of SimWise, its mechanical simulation system for studying the effects of both motion and stress on 3D mechanical design assemblies such as those encountered in aerospace, automotive, consumer products, machinery, and similar engineering environments. This release, says DST, introduces new capabilities for CAD integration and FEA (finite element analysis) solving. Additionally, the company has introduced a 64-bit edition of SimWise for simulating large models.

SimWise, says DST, complements existing CAD and PLM (product lifecycle management) infrastructure by working directly with product design data and adding simulation-specific objects. With it, you can simulate the rigid body dynamics of an assembly, “size” components, determine part interferences and collision response, identify stresses induced by motion, produce physics-based animations, and test your control systems.

Version 8.5 introduces a new associative interface with the Solid Edge 3D mechanical design system from Siemens PLM software. This interface reportedly translates Solid Edge parts, assemblies, and assembly constraints to SimWise through a Solid Edge add-in. Changes to the CAD model are reflected in the SimWise model. Associative translation add-in functionality is also available for SolidWorks from Dassault and Autodesk Inventor.

SimWise image courtesy of DST.

SimWise v8.5 is said to offer expanded data translation capabilities, including a new API (applications programming interface). With version 8.5 and in addition to Inventor, Solid Edge, and SolidWorks data formats, SimWise can now natively read CATIA V5, Creo/Elements, and NX data formats as well as such neutral file formats as ACIS, IGES, Parasolid (x_t and x_b), STL, and STEP. The new data translation API allows anyone to transfer part and assembly constraint data to SimWise.

SimWise also integrates with Microsoft Excel and the Matlab and Simulink product from MathWorks. When integrated with SimWise’s motion capabilities,   a pre-defined block can be added into Simulink to represent the mechanical system in SimWise, allowing you to simulate an entire system, including hydraulics, electronics, and controls.

Enhancements to the SimWise finite element solver include support for normal modes, buckling, and steady state thermal analyses. The solver is also said to make much better use of multi-core processors, which results in “a significant decrease in solution times,” according to the company.

The SimWise system consists of SimWise Motion, SimWise FEA, and SimWise 4D. SimWise Motion provides 3D kinematic and dynamic motion simulation and SimWise FEA provides for linear static, normal modes, steady state thermal, and buckling analysis. Each can be purchased and used separately.

SimWise image courtesy of DST.

SimWise 4D combines SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA, resulting into a single seamlessly integrated mechanical simulation product. SimWise 4D, says DST, delivers the identical capabilities of SimWise Motion and SimWise FEA but the integration produces a coupled motion and FEA capability that computes the stresses resulting from the dynamic loads induced by the motion of an assembly.

"SimWise provides simulation capabilities previously available only in high-cost products designed for use by engineering analysts," said Jeff Arrigotti, DST director of sales, in a press statement. "Simulation has its greatest impact when it is used as an integral part of the design cycle allowing more design alternatives to be explored; resulting in better final designs. SimWise has the power and the cost effectiveness to make up-front simulation a reality for all product teams no matter the size."

SimWise v8.5 runs on Windows-based platforms. For further details, visit DST.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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