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Intelligent Light Addressed Large-Data Bottlenecks in CFD Simulation

By DE Editors

Solving the myriad challenges posed by large-data bottlenecks in CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation was the topic of Steve M. Legensky’s presentation at SC08. Legensky is general manager of Intelligent Light (Rutherford, NJ), maker of FieldView CFD postprocessing software, and its most recent release, FieldView 12.1.

FieldView 12.1 offers reductions in the time required to read-in parallel data and run simulations. In one benchmark, according to Legensky, aeroacoustics data from JR East, designers of Japan’s bullet trains (Shinkansen), demonstrated a reduction in read time to 18 seconds from one hour on the same hardware.

FieldView’s efficient client-server architecture is benefiting large-data users as well — in Europe, a major aerospace customer reports routinely handling 50 million element models on multi-core 64-bit Windows clients connected to Linux servers. Plus, two of Intelligent Light’s Formula 1 team customers are using FieldView 12.1 to solve problems that exceed 120 million elements on deskside and laptop workstations running 64-bit Windows and LINUX operating systems.

For more information, visit Intelligent Light.

For previous DE coverage, see “New FieldView Release 12.01 Improves Postprocessing,” (April 2008).

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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