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Intertek Expands German Battery and Environmental Center, Opens Brazilian Electrical Testing Lab

Intertek has announced two major company additions — the expansion of its Competence Center for E-Mobility in Kaufbeuren, Germany and a new electrical testing laboratory in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In Germany, the Center for E-Mobility is dedicated specifically to testing transportation technologies and certifications. Intertek is using the center to determine and optimize efficiency, practicality and performance of electric vehicles on the market.

According to a company press release, the expansion will include a large 160 cubic-meter bunker, with 12 new testing stations and four temperature chambers. Engineers will be able to test cars in compliance with the SAE J2464 testing manual for electric and hybrid electric cars.

“The focus of German OEMs and component suppliers is currently on the development of economical, efficient storage technologies for hybrid vehicles,” explained Roger Grumpelt, business development manager for E-Mobility, Intertek Deutschland GmbH. “The decisive factor is being able to reliably test and certify key components for these vehicles. This challenges us to link our laboratories with their modern equipment and the specialists at these locations, which applies to both the local presence and global competence. Our Competence Center in Kaufbeuren offers them an extensive range of tests in the areas of e-mobility, storage media, and transportation technologies close to their locations.”

To help continue the testing of new technologies, Intertek has also opened an electrical testing laboratory in Brazil.

The new laboratory will help local manufacturers test products against in-country and global electric standards, and allow them to meet requirements and performance certifications quickly and efficiently.

Clients can use Intek’s lab to test for criteria such as flammability index, climatics, ingress protection, index of resistance to electrical tracking and erosion of insulating materials and environmental analysis.

“Our new laboratory in Brazil meets Intertek’s overall strategy of clearing a path to market for our customers’ products, while simultaneously meeting the needs of local electrical manufacturers looking for a competitive edge,” said Richard Adams, senior vice president, Intertek. “Local testing can be a significant advantage for manufacturers, and Intertek now delivers a wide range of services in-country to help them maximize their revenue potential.”

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