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intrinSIM Expands Resources and Offerings

intrinSIM, a service provider for engineering software, has expanded its resource network and offerings.

Since its founding in 2009, intrinSIM has worked with nearly 100 technology providers and end user software vendors to bridge the gap between technology and route to market.

According to a company press release, some of the current intrinSIM resources and offerings are:

  • RW Bean and Consulting: market strategy and technology planning
  • Smart2Market: market strategy and deployment, channel communication
  • Cambashi: market data and research
  • AMC Bridge: software evaluation, integration and development

“Smart2Market has sought out the best talent in the industry to provide clients with the tools and know-how to be successful,” explained Pete Wells, president and CEO of Smart2Market. “This synergistic relationship with intrinSIM is just another way to ensure that we are providing the highest possible value to our clients.”

For more information, visit intrinSIM.

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