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IOtech Upgrades eZ-Analyst

By DE Editors

IOtech‘s (Cleveland, OH) eZ-Analystvibration analysis software now includes apowerful 3D Color Waterfall Display. According to IOtech, the new feature augments the software’sspectrum display capabilities, as each Spectrum window added to theeZ-Analyst display screen can have its own 3D Waterfall with uniqueconfiguration settings.  Waterfall displays includelatitude and longitudinal display rotations, up to six user definablewaterfall perspective presets, 3D plot cursor to display the value ata specific X, Y, and Z plot coordinate, automatic tracking of scale andaxis changes, and configurable number of spectrum records to name a few.  

A 2D Frequency Slicedisplay has been added to eZ-Analyst’s analysis toolbox that enablesviewing of the 3DWaterfall and 2D Frequency Slice displays in the same or individualspectrum windows. Other display window types, such as time domain dataviews, can be added along with the 2D Frequency Slice and 3D WaterfallSpectrum displays. Additionally, the software’s display configurationallows multiple data windows to be viewedconcurrently. The software also includes plot overlays that enable comparison of current and previously acquired testmeasurements and can directly import and overlay Microsoft Excel data. Up to 15 separate plot overlayscan be imported.

Another new feature, the TEDS Enable/Disable Preference, lets auser disable or enable automatic TEDS accelerometer feedback. Thisinput can also be bypassed for systems that do not have TEDS,or systems which TEDS feedback is not needed.

eZ-Analyst is included with the ZonicBook/618 Ethernet-basedeight-channel analyzer, priced at $13,999. Current owners of eZ-Analystsoftware can upgrade to the new features by contacting IOtech directly.

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