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IronCAD 2016 Now Available

IronCAD LLC has released version 2016 of its IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite (DCS) of 2D and 3D design, detailing, configuration and collaboration applications. This iteration has major enhancements for the fabrication and assembly sector. According to the company, noticeable developments are available for sheet metal and IronCAD’s smart design capabilities. Additionally, a new Mechanical add-in provides increased utilities for design operations, the company states.

IronCAD 2016

Recently released in its 2016 edition, the integrated IronCAD Design Collaboration Suite of applications provides collaboration between 2D and 3D, enabling users to communicate design data seamlessly throughout their design process within and without their organization. Image courtesy of IronCAD LLC.

With the 2016 version, IronCAD’s sheet-metal functionality introduces a new Sketched Bend command that offers users the ability to create more complex bending operations. The company adds that users can import and use sheet metal data from third parties as if it were native to IronCAD.

IronCAD 2016

IronCAD 2016 sees improvements in graphical importing to support the model edge stored in its native file format. This, explains the company, allows for better visual appearance and referencing when performing snap operations such as Drag and Drop. Image courtesy of IronCAD LLC.

IronCAD 2016 launches a new Smart Design tool such as the Smart eBehavior, which provides customers with the ability to dynamically drive designs based on optimized product configuration and assembly fit and function. IronCAD explains that configuration systems typically build rules and variables at the part level. IronCAD’s Smart eBehavior works at the assembly level, allowing engineers to work with content while permitting customers and other stakeholder’s access to IronCAD’s data. Engineers can build intelligent assemblies that adjust and move according to built-in rules.

IronCAD 2016

IronCAD says that many improvements have been made to its integrated Multi-Physics for IronCAD software, including a faster solver, better boundary conditions for intuitive display feedback, and new meshing to filter out tiny unintended geometry automatically. Image courtesy of IronCAD LLC.

The company says that its new IronCAD Mechanical add-in offers intelligent tools for fabricators such as industry standard fasteners, steel sections, piping, flanges and bill of material (BOM) generation. IronCAD adds that because knowledge and behavior is built directly into the intelligent components, typical day-to-day tasks are much simpler. The base-level functionality will be included free of charge to all customers.

IronCAD 2016

IronCAD 2016 introduces a new catalog with various standard shapes to assist in creating common objects as well as reduce overall design time by minimizing repetitive tasks. Image courtesy of IronCAD LLC.

“This release marks a huge step forward for fabrication and mechanical design customers,” Cary O’Connor, vice president of marketing at IronCAD, stated in a press statement. “We specifically targeted improvements in the overall productivity of the design process as well as allowing customers to make use of 3D product data. This inclusion of people outside of design group dramatically improves productivity and communication for all stakeholders.”

IronCAD DCS 2016 is immediately available with new purchases and to active support customers. For full details, go to IronCAD.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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