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IronCAD Version 9.0 Launches with New Intelligent Capabilities

By DE Editors

IronCAD(Atlanta, GA) has announced the release of IronCAD V9, highlighting itsnew intelligent creation, modification, and positioning capabilities.
Objects within IronCAD are made “intelligent” by implementingcapabilities like SmartAssembly, which lets users create attachmentlocations to automatically position components in a scene. With thiscapability, components that are dragged or dropped within the IronCADscene will automatically align to the nearest matching attachmentlocation. This capability helps customers that design assemblyconfigurations from standard components create models more quickly byeliminating repetitive positioning of component.
Modification intelligence can be seen in commands like theIntelliStretch Command. With IntelliStretch, users can resizecomponents based on a component’s overall size box. This capabilityovercomes typical limitations of traditional history-based parametricsystems by allowing multiple component changes regardless of the orderin which they were created.
Another example is the new Assembly Feature Grouping capability forintelligent creation. This capability allows the grouping of componentsand assembly features in an IronCAD catalog, creating a combinationthat will cut multiple parts and assemblies while placing the groupedcomponents. Inserting a window unit into a solid wall, where materialmust be removed before the window and its frame members can be placed,is an application of this ability.
Design Variations, which enable users to store multiple variations ofparametric component, allow users to build intelligent componentsstored in IronCAD Catalogs. This new feature activates when a shape isdropped from a catalog into the scene. Users can then select thevariation option to apply, reducing the need to create multipleconfigurations of components and eliminates repetitive setting ofparameters on components.
Existing intelligent capabilities that have been standard sinceIronCAD’s inception include SmartSnap technology for precisely snappinggeometry and automatic feature reordering. 

In addition to IronCAD V9’s “intelligent” capabilities, other softwareimprovements have been made, including assembly-based spot and pointlight capability; shell command options for inside/outside shell; 2Dsketch, new creation types and SmartSnap Update; copy/link componentsalong a 3D curve; point creation in 3D curves as reference points; 3Dcurve modification tool enhancements; surface creation and modificationenhancements; sheet metal closed corner tool; right-click quickproperty access to styles and layer information; automatic dimensioningof view or selected view area; automatic center mark/line creation;styles and layers property eye-dropper; carline and check sheet forautomotive JIG; and an updated partner CD with additional one-yeartrial programs.
IronCAD V9 and its accompanying bonus CD are now available. For a detailed description of IronCAD V9’s new features, click here. To download a trial of IronCAD version 9.0, click here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company. Additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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