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ITI TranscenData Releases CADIQ 6.1 CAD Model Validation Application

By DE Editors

ITI TranscenData has announced the release of CADIQ 6.1, the latest edition of its CAD model validation application that identifies model-based design issues that adversely impact downstream processes, such as tooling, simulation, and manufacturing.

Engineers tasked with long-term data retention and archival initiatives use CADIQ to certify translations and conversions for 3D CAD models prior to archival, through geometry and semantics-based validation. CADIQ validates 3D models, assemblies, corresponding features, and product manufacturing information against the source data, and provides automated predictive diagnostics. These diagnostics are used to identify, forecast, and troubleshoot legacy conversion issues.

CADIQ is packaged for use in desktop or server environments, is integrated into design release and check-in and check-out processes of PLM workflows, and can be embedded in interoperability automations solutions.

The release of CADIQ 6.1 offers new features, such as:

  • Direct assembly model comparison
  • Part comparison diagnostics
  • 3D PMI comparison diagnostics
  • CATIA V4 CAD file interface
  • STEP Validation Property Quality Diagnostics
  • Improved Batch Analysis and Statistics

For more information, visit ITI TranscenData.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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