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iVisit 3D for Autodesk 360 Rendering

Abvent Group announced iVisit 3D for Autodesk 360 rendering. According to the company, the solution’s real-time preview completes panoramas with building level plans and produces interactive, multi-node panoramas for websites and iOS or Android mobile devices.

Users can connect to their Autodesk 360 account and launch rendering calculation in the cloud. The solution allows users to calculate the different camera viewpoints as panorama images; create large, vertical images with six different views of a project; and download directly to a computer from the Autodesk 360 Rendering Gallery.

iVisit 3D works on both Mac and PC.  Users can link all panoramas together and position them on the plan views. The links created in this step will bring the navigation between nodes in the final iVisit 3D panorama. Once the panoramas are linked altogether and after testing the navigation, users can quickly calculate the final iVisit 3D Panoramas in both HTML and PNO formats. HTML allows uploading to a website, while the PNO format allows users to view a panorama on an iOS or Andro d mobile device.  The PNO file can be transferred to a tablet or smartphone using Dropbox, box.com and iTunes.

For more information, visit Abvent Group’s iVisit 3D website.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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