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JETCAM Launches Order and Assembly Management Software

By DE Editors

JETCAM launched a new end user version of its JETCAM Orders Controller software (JOC). According to the company, JOC Lite II has been re-worked as a user-installable product requiring less than 30 minutes training.

JOC Lite II allows users to remotely create order lists of either components or complex assembly structures for sending to JETCAM Expert for nesting. The software ships with over 20 tutorial videos which walk the user through all stages of setup and usage, and only requires paths to be set up to point to the user’s JETCAM installation and geometry files.

Once installed, users can create unlimited worksheets that can be populated by dragging and dropping components or complete assemblies onto the worksheet, or by using CSV import to create and populate worksheets automatically.

Complex assemblies multiple levels deep can be created automatically using files in directory structures; the user can right-click over a folder, select “Create Assembl”, and it is immediately available to order.

Worksheets can be queued for nesting, with each sheet being sent for nesting as soon as JETCAM Expert reports back that the previous nest is completed. Comprehensive tagging and untagging options allow users to select or deselect all items within a given group or filter, which is useful for selective ordering from a large list of components.

The view in various screens can be modified to suit the user, and each screen has a pullout tab that displays additional information.

Components, assemblies, orders and nests displays each have their own filters and/or groupings, allowing users to limit or group the information displayed.

JETCAM Orders Controller Lite II works in conjunction with a single JETCAM Expert license. A Premium version is also available, which builds on this functionality but works with multiple JETCAM licenses, provides automatic CAD import and works with JETCAM’s Remote Control Processing module, allowing JETCAM Expert to be used as a”black box,” allowing completely unmanned generation of nests, NC codes and reports.

For more information, visit JETCAM.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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