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JPR Reports Quarterly Workstation Record in Q4 2017

Market research firm Jon Peddie Research reported that overall workstation shipments in the fourth quarter of 2017 increased 3.6% from last quarter following normal seasonal shipments, representing a market value of $2.47 billion.

The workstation market volume reached another record high of 1.30 million units, a year-to-year growth of 5.4%. Application service providers’ revenue hit a record of $2.47 billion while demonstrating a 6.2% year-to-year growth.

In the workstation and PC market, JPR reports that where mainstream PC buyers are increasingly reaching “good enough” levels of computing with current PCs or alternative devices, lengthening replacement cycles, buyers of workstations continue to value generation-to- generation incremental improvements in features and improvements, with expectations of increasing productivity.

Since Q1 2011, virtually 100% of processors shipped into the workstation market carried one of Intel’s brands. However, AMD is making strides in the consumer, commercial and server markets and is beginning to target the workstation market, according to JPR.

The Jon Peddie Research’s Workstation Report in electronic form sells for $2,500 for a single issue. Included with this report is an Excel workbook with the data used to create the charts, the charts and supplemental information. The annual subscription price for JPR’s Workstation report is $5,000 and includes four quarterly issues, plus two semi-annual issues.

For more info, visit Jon Peddie Research.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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