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July ’04 Readers’ Choice Award: Eurocom Mirage D870P

By DE Editors

July 2004 (April 2004)Notebook Features 256MB of DDR Video for Engineers and Pro Users 

The EUROCOM Mirage D870P notebook computer from Eurocom Corp. (Ottawa, Ont.) features 256MB of DDR video powered by a next generation ATI Mobility Radeon9700 graphics card, an Intel Pentium 4 Prescott processor up to 3.6GHz with 1MBL2 cache, and two hard drives with RAID technology. Designed as a high-end platformfor professional engineers, the mobile workstation uses a 17-inch WXGA (1440 x900 or 1920 x 1200) and offers 1GB LAN. It also features optional Bluetooth networking,up to 160GB of HDD space with two physical hard drives (5,400 or 7,200 rpm) withRAID 0 and RAID 1 fault-tolerance system. The D870P also supports up to 2GB ofdual channel DDR400 memory with 64-bit wide DDR data channels.

The D870P is suitable for high-end business, engineering, and graphics applicationssuch as 3D modeling or AutoCAD. The 17-inch display, for example, allows usersto work efficiently with any spreadsheet or accounting application without needingto scroll from left to right. Number crunching is simplified with a 102-key desktop-likekeyboard with a separate numeric keypad. To get information on additional features,visit eurocom.com. Price: $2,196.

The Mirage D870P notebook computer from Eurocom Corporation received the mostReader Service responses in our April 2004 issue.

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