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Kenesto Updates Business Process Automation Solution

By DE Editors

Kenesto has released an updated version of its Kenesto cloud-based business process automation system.

According to the company, the solution allows customers to manage complex request for quotation processes (RFQ), including all outside suppliers, critical engineering change request (ECR) processes, and complicated bid packages.

“Reaction to our June release of Kenesto has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Michael Payne, Kenesto CEO. “Since then, customers have been very helpful in building our product roadmap. With Kenesto 2012.2 we responded to many of those customer requirements in a short 60-day period by taking advantage of the cloud platform on which Kenesto is based. As compared to traditional, installed products, the cloud is an important change in the way business process automation systems are delivered. As a result, users immediately get the benefit of new releases with no effort on their part.”

Kenesto 2012.2 now offers a graphical way to create and edit reusable templates. A user simply outlines the process as he or she normally would using the new template editor and saves it in the cloud. Then, the user may launch a specific instance of the process to accomplish the task. This requires no programming skills.

The solution also includes support for multiple domains in one Kenesto account. Larger enterprises may operate multiple businesses units using different names and/or Internet domains. Kenesto 2012.2 now flexibly supports these companies’ needs to permit different e-mail addresses and business identities to co-exist in the same Kenesto account.

Background upload of attachments and documents allows users to attach a large drawing or document to a process activity and continue working in Kenesto without having to wait for the upload to complete.

With the new release, the company is offering a free trial of Kenesto. Trial users may convert to a paid account while preserving all of the processes, documents, forms and templates they created during the trial.

For more information, visit Kenesto.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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