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KeyCreator 2014 Version 12.5 Released

Kubotek USA has released KeyCreator 2014 Version 12.5. The new version includes CAD animation, a Direct Dimension Editing Tree, and a Wire EDM option for 2- and 2.5-axis NC milling

The new animation tool provides another way to visualize or communicate the function and assembly of designs. Standard settings like motion speed, camera and timeline control aid how a design is viewed, while more advanced features depict how designs will interact and/or react with other bodies or conditions. Capabilities like collision detection pinpoint problems that result from the motion of designs. Coupled with the power and ease of Direct Modeling, users can quickly diagnose and solve any issues with an assembly model.

The KeyCreator Machinist NC module now offers a Wire EDM option for 2-axis NC milling. A new Direct Dimension Editing tree further extends the editing features by allowing users to assign formulas and relationships between dimensions. With basic programming experience, users can configure and save commands to run automated design adjustments.

Other enhancements to KeyCreator include, interoperability updates, refinement of modeling and visualization tools, and other improvements to user-specific options to help users complete tasks to their liking and while meeting their modeling goals.

For more information, visit Kubotek.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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