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KeyShotVR Offers Interactive Web Viewing of 3D Rendered Images

By DE Editors

Luxion has introduced KeyShotVR, a solution that allows interactive viewing of photographic, high-quality rendered content via the Web. According to the company, product designers, marketers and KeyShot users who want to extend the presentation of their visuals can use the solution to create high-quality, ray-traced 3D content directly from inside KeyShot. KeyShotVR is an integrated add-on to KeyShot Pro that automatically generates the code to be embedded into any website or company intranet.

The content can be viewed on touch-enabled devices and does not require a browser plug-in to work.

With KeyShotVR enabled via an upgraded KeyShot license file, an additional VR button will appear in the toolbar. When a scene is loaded and the VR button is pressed, a wizard guides the user through the setup of the VR, with on-screen, interactive feedback of the final VR result. KeyShot will produce the individual images of the VR content, the HTML code for integration into any website and the JavaScript to support progressive loading of images.

For more information, visit Luxion.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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