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Kistler North America Introduces Wheel Vector Sensing System

By DE Editors

Kistler, a supplier of sensors, systems and instrumentation for the dynamic measurement of pressure, force, torque and acceleration, has announced the North American launch of the Corrsys-Datron RV-4 wheel vector sensing system, designed to offer simultaneous measurements of all vehicle wheel displacement and directional coordinates in five axes for complete wheel movement evaluation capabilities within numerous vehicle dynamics testing applications.

The robust design of the RV-4 incorporates use of five absolute positioning transducers that measure wheel deflection, camber, and x-, y- and z-movements (spring travel) within a vehicle coordinate system. The system is designed for the incorporation of additional sensors and transducers. It offers direct compatibility with Kistler wheel pulse encoders, slip angle sensors, wheel force transducers, dynamic camber systems and laser ride height sensors (sold separately). The sensor portion of the RV-4 system, which operates on the test car exterior, is IP67 rated for all-weather testing, with high resistance to splash water, engine oil and anti-freeze, according to Kistler. The system operates from standard 10-28 VDC vehicle power.

RV-4 system measurements allow users to understand available wheel well clearances for proper design, aid in spring and shock development, collect accurate toe and camber adjustment data, facilitate chassis development and refinement, and support both driver assistance systems testing and tire development. Users can also monitor all wheel movements, allowing for real-time weight shift assessments and wheel travel investigations while braking or accelerating. Changes in camber angle while cornering, as well as rear wheel tracking and dynamic self-steering behaviors, are also available in RV-4 captured data, with the ability to create on-track test data files for test rig control.

For more information, visit Kistler.  
Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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