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Kistler USA Announces Enhancements to its Three-Component Triaxial Force Link Products

By DE Editors

Kistler Instrument Corporation has announced recent enhancements to its three-component triaxial force link product range, to include expanded measurement capabilities from ±1.8k to ±33.7k lbf and other design enhancements for greater measurement flexibility and performance.

Kistler’s three-component dynamic force links are calibrated and preloaded for dynamic force measurements in three orthogonal directions, in both tension and compression modes, across a variety of applications. All dynamic sensing elements are housed in a rust-free, sealed stainless steel housing.

General product line improvements to all Kistler three-component triaxial force link models include improved resolution and an expanded operating temperature range of -40 to +248°F, reduced hysteresis, an optional IP67 rated environmental sealing and plug connection via V3 multi-pole connector. The newer versions are drop-in replacements for legacy models, and use the same cable type as those with Types 93x7C already introduced. Specific enhancements to the Kistler Type 9327C triaxial quartz force link include a more rigid construction and expanded measurement range of ±0.8k lbf across the x and y axes (previously ±0.6k lbf) ±1.8k lbf across the z-axis (previously ±1.1k lbf).

Typical applications for Kistler triaxial force links include cutting force measurements within metal cutting processes, crash test collision forces, rocket motor recoil forces, vibrating table and friction forces, biomechanical ground reaction forces and feedback studies, road and test bed vehicle force, and wind tunnel balance applications.

For more information, visit Kistler Instrument Corporation.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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