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KODAK Capture Pro Software Adds Compatibility for Contex Wide-Format Scanners

By DE Editors

An agreement between Kodak and Contex will allow enterprise organizations to unify information from large-format and standard-sized documents into Kodak Capture Pro Software. The new compatibility between Contex’s wide format scanners and Capture Pro Software will provide users with a single interface to integrate information from these sources and deliver it into databases and EDM/ECM applications.
"Contex and Kodak working together provides users a major step forward to help bridge the divide of managing large and small documents in a single workflow," says Phil Magenheim, president, Contex Americas. "Channel partners selling scanners along with EDM/ECM services and solutions can now provide a common interface and common support for diverse sources of document-based information."
Contex’s large format scanners are used to reproduce large-format drawings, charts, maps, or other over-sized documents directly into EDM/ECM workflows. Kodak Capture Pro Software provides users with a single interface to capture and manage images and index data from small- and large-format scanners within an office setting. Kodak Service and Support will also be available for users of all Contex XD and SD Scanners, and for new Contex Scanner installations including the Contex XD2490, SD4450 and SD4490 Scanners.
For more information, visit Contex and Kodak.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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