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Konrad Technologies and SET Team Up on Advanced Assistance Systems, Sensor Fusion, and Hardware in the Loop

Konrad Technologies GmbH and SET GmbH are joining their knowledge and skills to develop custom testing systems in the area of driver assistance systems. Due to continuously rising demands on mobility and autonomous driving, integrated and automated testing solutions are needed for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The combination of ADAS sensor fusion with a Hardware in the Loop (HiL) testing system is necessary to enable a new level of innovative, automated testing solutions in the automotive space, according to a joint press release from the companies.  Together, Konrad Technologies’ expertise on ADAS sensor fusion and SET’s expertise on HiL will form a set of tools from design to development, implementation and validation to production.

The agreement provides for a collaboration between the two National Instruments Alliance partners both on technical as well as strategic activities. Both companies are system providers for innovative testing solutions in the automotive industry–from the initial idea all the way to end-of-line tests. The focus is increasingly on National Instruments products, which are extended with their own products and solutions to enable high-performing and high-precision system solutions. Based on the experience of both companies, the focus of solution design is on reducing the Total Cost of Test (TCoT).

“The fusion of a multitude of sensor information, more intelligent control devices, and the customers’ desire for better assistance systems and even autonomous driving presents our customers with interesting but also growing challenges,” said Frank Heidemann, managing director of SET GmbH. “With Konrad Technologies, we have found a partner that, with their in-depth know-how of ADAS sensor systems, represents the perfect complement to the HiL skills of SET GmbH. In addition to the technical connection, our company values are an excellent match, making it fun to work on solving these problems together with Konrad as a reliable and flexible partner.”

“SET, with its long-standing expertise in Hardware in the Loop, is the perfect partner for continuing development in sensor fusion simulation systems,” said Michael Konrad, managing director of Konrad Technologies GmbH. “I’m especially excited about collaborating with SET, because Konrad Technologies and SET have similar philosophies and have both been successful for many years.”

For more information visit Konrad Technologies and SET.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the companies’ websites.

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