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Kontron Announces Entry into ARM Architecture

By DE Editors

Kontron has announced its entry into ARM architecture with embedded scalable building blocks for application-ready platforms with low-power consumption. The first products planned for 2011 will be in the module and board form factors.

Under development at Kontron is a new module format, optimized for usage with ARM System-On-Chip (SOC) processor types. The modules will enable ARM processors, single, dual and quad core, to be used in most vertical market applications. Following the initial release, Kontron then plans to expand its SBC family, as well as tablet and box PCs and HMIs. All Kontron ARM-based products will be available as standard solutions or as customer-specific designs as required.

A new line of Computer-on-Modules is being defined to allow the usage of ARM from single core to future quad core processors. This integrated ARM SOC silicon leaves a gap between the interfaces provided and what can be routed through a standard module connector. A classic PC chipset has a large number of PCI-Express lanes and USB ports. In contrast to this, the ARM SOC provides multiple UART, I2C, SDIO ports and less PCIe and USB interfaces.

In addition to Windows CE 6/7, Linux operating systems such as QNX, Green Hill and VxWorks (including Hypervisor) will also be supported. In addition, Kontron s ARM products will be ready for Windows 8 at the time of introduction.

Along with the corresponding hardware platforms, Kontron says it will be focusing heavily on software support and additional services such as customization, driver adoption and porting applications. The first Kontron ARM-based module early field testing platforms will be available before the end of 2011, with SBCs, tablet computers, box PCs and HIMs following in 2012.

For more information, visit Kontron.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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