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KREON Introduces New 3D Measurement Solution

By DE Editors

KREON Introduces New 3D Measurement Solution

The KREON Portable 3D Scanning Solution integrates the new KREON 3D laser scanner, Solano, into the KREON Baces measuring arm. It was designed to address challenges in reverse engineering, fast inspection, and quality control.

The KREON Solano scanner features a contact probe that is associated with the laser line for both accuracy and speed. This association enables the collection of up to 40,000 points per second at an accuracy of 50 µm.

The KREON Baces measuring arm (6 or 7 axis available) enables the inspection of difficult-to-reach areas or of parts that are impossible to move to stationery CMMs. It provides access to functionalities like scan-to-CAD comparison with color coded visualization of deviations, and gap and flush measurement.

For more information, visit KREON TECHNOLOGIES.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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