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Lambda Ships TracePro v7.3 for Optomechanical Design

By DE Editors

TracePro 7.3 is the latest release of Lambda’s illumination and optical analysis software. This release features a fully automated interactive solar analysis utility and the addition of two geometric modelers to the LC edition. The solar utility enables users to analyze solar collector systems by defining the geographical location, period of sun travel, and solar power emission to simulate cloudy to clear day calculations. Complete diagnostic output is available, including irradiance and candela maps on target surfaces, total flux on the target per time period, and tabular output detailing efficiency over time.

According to the company, the new utility reduces analysis time by automating the solar analysis process through easy-to-use dialogs to setup sun position, using Google Earth for location verification, trajectory verification using 3D earth modeling, and user output analysis qualification using dialogs.

The 7.3 release also features two new RepTile feature types, floating blocks and chiseled logs. The TracePro LC edition now includes two new geometry modeler utilities. The two modelers include a quick 2D sketch utility that includes interactive  ray tracing for geometry verification, and a full 3D modeler to create non-symmetric freeform optics using both conic and spline surfaces.

For more information, visit Lambda Research.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.



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