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Lattice Technology Announces Lattice 3D Reporter v7.1

Lattice Technology announced the availability of its latest release of Lattice3D Reporter, v7.1. This software plug-in for Microsoft Excel allows the authoring of spreadsheets with embedded interactive 3D models and associated information such as work instructions and parts lists. After the PDF is created, it can be consumed by anyone using Adobe Reader.

This latest version allows even non-CAD users to create 3D PDFs containing interactive 3D models directly from Lattice3D Reporter without any programming or script writing.

“Our vision is to enable manufacturing companies to make better use of their 3D model data by leveraging this data into other parts of the organization and supply chain.  Lattice3D Reporter is already broadly used by companies to create robust Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with embedded interactive models that provide unprecedented clarity and free access to anyone who has Microsoft Excel,” said Bill Barnes, Lattice Technology general manager for Americas and Europe. “Version 7.1 extends this capability by including rich product data into a 3D PDF that is ISO approved and essentially accessible and free to anyone with a computer.”

For more information, visit Lattice Technology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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