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Lattice Technology Releases New XVL Converter for Autodesk Inventor 2010

By DE Editors

Lattice Technology Inc. has released its latest converter for Autodesk Inventor 2010.

The XVL Converter Plug-in for Autodesk Inventor allows 3D data created in Autodesk Inventor 2010 to be compressed to an average 0.5 percent of its original size with no loss of accuracy, according to the company. As XVL data, the 3D designs can be rapidly mocked up for simulation, design review, process design, kinematics, human interaction on the assembly line, and more, in the Lattice Technology applications. XVL data is also used to directly and rapidly create print-ready and interactive digital documentation for mBOMs, process and work instructions, and technical illustrations.

Lattice Technology’s applications allow 3D design data from diverse sources and CAD platforms to be integrated into a single assembly model, and, because of the industry-leading compression, can still be easily used and manipulated on low specification PCs. The small size of the data means that it can be used interactively in locations such as the shop floor and shipping departments, which have typically never benefitted from 3D data. Automatic updates of mockups, simulations, and technical documentation when the original 3D data is changed can also be accomplished with the Lattice Technology Solutions.

For more information, visit Lattice Technology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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