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LEDAS Adds Assemblies and Kinematics to Rhino

By DE Editors

LEDAS Ltd. has announced the availability of the Rhino Assembly 1.0 plug-in for McNeel & Associates’ Rhinoceros software. The plug-in is a part of the Driving Dimensions product line from LEDAS, which is aimed at making advanced MCAD technology available at an affordable price to all users of popular 3D software.

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After installing the LEDAS plug-in and starting Rhino, users see the assembly toolbar that was designed to look like Rhino’s other built-in tools. The Assembly Manager allows users to navigate geometric constraints and driving dimensions, which for large assemblies can number in the thousands. With its spin buttons, the driving dimension editor modifies values of driving dimension parameters. The animation panel and its slider are familiar to anyone who uses video or audio players. During kinematic animation, Rhino users can pan, rotate, and zoom the model.

Since the release of the previous public beta version 0.2, the latest changes in version 1.0 include an automatic update option, a new constraints status signal, a new flip side button, the option to group parts into rigid sets, and new 3D planar angles, multi-parameter animation.

For more information, visit LEDAS’ Driving Dimensions site.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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