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LEDs Provide 3Gbps Wireless Communication Alternative

Wireless LANs have been a boon for networking both in the home and at work. But there are still some places (like hospitals) where the wireless networks can cause interference with other equipment, or have their performance impeded by the presence of other radios. The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute claims to have come up with 3Gbps alternative using LED lightbulbs for wireless Internet access.

Using the components developed by the researchers, off-the-shelf LED room lights have achieved transmission rates in the laboratory of more than 1Gbit/s per single light frequency. According to a press release about the system, LEDs typically use three light frequencies (or colors), which would produce speeds of up to 3Gbit/s.

This visible light communication (VLC) method is similar in theory to infra-red solutions that were previously used for short-range wireless applications, but have fallen out of favor with the advent of wireless technologies like Bluetooth.

The new components operate at a bandwidth of up to 180MHz, which boosts the data throughput. Previously, HHI achieved rates of 500Mbps to 800Mbps using similar technology. The new components will be presented at FOE 2013 this week.

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