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LMS Integrates 1D & 3D Simulation for Vehicle Handling

By DE Editors

LMS (Leuven, Belgium) introduced its extended solution for vehicle handling simulation at the Vehicle Dynamics Expo in Stuttgart, Germany. LMS’ integrated solution and advanced engineering services help vehicle manufactures deliver optimal vehicle handling and to balance the handling performance against other key attributes in chassis development, including ride comfort, road noise, and durability.

With the 1D simulation tools of LMS Imagine.Lab Vehicle Dynamics, development teams can analyze vehicle ride, handling, and comfort in the early concept stage for functional specification and functional design, long before detailed CAD or 3D simulation models become available. As more design details are fixed, 3D models can be developed with LMS Virtual.Lab Vehicle Motion to simulate vehicle handling and ride comfort in more details. An advanced interface between both solutions makes it possible to build high fidelity models of sensors, actuators and active control systems in 1D, and seamlessly interface these with 3D mechanical models in LMS Virtual.Lab Vehicle Motion.

With Imagine.Lab Vehicle Dynamics, LMS offers dedicated 1D simulation tools to design and validate individual chassis subsystems and actuators and to integrate them in a single system model to simulate and validate global chassis control strategies. The solution comes with a large set of dedicated tools for vehicle dynamics engineering, including data management, post-processing and optimization tools.

With the LMS Imagine.Lab Vehicle Dynamics Control solution, chassis designers and engineers can simulate vehicles, sensors, actuators and the control strategy in a single comprehensive platform, from which data can be exported into real-time targets for HIL validation. Through the advanced interface with LMS Virtual.Lab Vehicle Motion, engineers can seamlessly interface their 1D control model with 3D component and system models in LMS Virtual.Lab Vehicle Motion, which offers an integrated 3D modeling and simulation solution to analyze vehicle ride and handling behavior from passenger cars and motor sport vehicles to multi-axle vehicles like trucks and buses.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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