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LSI Launches New Syncro Architecture for Scalable Storage

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LSI introduced Syncro, a new storage architecture designed to deliver improved storage sharing and scaling capabilities for multi-server solutions. The Syncro architecture takes direct-attached storage (DAS) and builds advanced storage-sharing capabilities on top of MegaRAID technology, enabling business benefits including reduced cost, power and failure rates, while improving storage utilization and application uptime, the company says.

The Syncro architecture will extend to the Syncro CS and Syncro MX product families. Syncro CS delivers enterprise capabilities and redundant, shared-node storage to DAS environments, and according to the company will provide SMEs and remote, departmental and branch offices with increased application availability and uptime without the complexity and costs of traditional high-availability storage solutions.

Syncro MX targets large cloud and mega-datacenters with server solutions focused on reducing costs and increasing reliability.

“The Syncro architecture is the result of customer requests to increase data protection across multiple server and storage systems by enabling levels of enterprise-class availability and flexibility never before offered for DAS,” said Bill Wuertz, senior vice president and general manager, RAID Storage Division, LSI. “The new Syncro architecture and product family demonstrate LSI’s long, proven commitment to delivering the most innovative and productive solutions for next-generation server and storage systems.”

The Syncro architecture will serve as the foundation for a series of new products, including the new Syncro MX-B Rack Boot Appliance, which serves as a stand-alone, pre-configured, 1U form factor rack boot device for as many as 48 servers. By eliminating boot drives and associated failures, the appliance can increase reliability while reducing overall system and maintenance costs for the largest cloud and mega-datacenter environments, the company says.

The appliance is transparent to the host system and provides a unique boot image for each attached server, making system management simple while increasing reliability and power savings up to 60 percent.

Available in 24-port and 48-port configurations, it offers easy scaling and configuration flexibility. The new appliance delivers boot images on RAID volumes with hot-swappable internal hard drives. Additional RAS is achieved through the use of both redundant fans and power supplies.

For more information, visit LSI.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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