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Luxion Releases KeyShot 6.1

Luxion, maker of KeyShot rendering and animation software, has released version 6.1. This update continues the focus of improved workflow efficiency and rendering enhancements, the company states.

KeyShot 6.1 bridges capabilities introduced in KeyShot 6 with improvements to the patented KeyShot HDRI Editor, enhancements to Toon and Anisotropic materials and updated 3D software integration for KeyShot 6.

The HDRI Editor works by allowing a user to add light sources by adding ‘pins’ to the environment. With KeyShot 6.1, user may now create half-pins — half rectangular or half circular pins. Both new and existing pins may be converted to half pins, by selecting the ‘half’ option in the pin properties of the HDRI editor. Along with this capability, the HDRI Editor user interface has been updated for a smoother workflow and users will see significant speed improvements in both navigation and generation of HDR images, the company states.

Additional updates include the addition of IES light, point light and area light thumbnails in the KeyShot Library to better display brightness and color of lighting presets. The Toon Material Type now allows greater control over outline and part contours for improved production of visuals for technical documentation. The Anisotropic Material Type now allows adjustment of the roughness parameter in both X and Y position. For KeyShot Animation, motion blur is now available for cameras as well, in both the real-time and offline rendering modes.

For more information, visit Luxion.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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