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Luxology’s modo the Driving Force Behind Futuristic New Car

Modeling and rendering software used to help create three-wheeled speed “trike.”

Australian industrial design firm, Design+Industry, has recently given shape to a three-wheeled, high-performance vehicle designed through the use of Luxology’s 3D modeling, painting and rendering software, modo 501.

Design+Industry was asked by Strike Motors to turn a radical concept for a three-wheeled “trike” into a commercially manufacturable vehicle. The Trike is a high-performance half-car, half-motorcycle that seats two people. Design+Industry took the specs for the car and used modo 501 to create an innovative design.


“We began using modo when clients started requesting features we were not able to provide with the visualisation software we were using at the time,” says Ben Carroll, industrial designer at Design+Industry. “Once clients saw what could be done compared to the other software we were using, they began requesting renderings be done solely in modo.”

Used in conjunction with SolidWorks and Luxology’s PAD and SES 1 Kits, modo 501 allowed the designers to visualize the Trike in studio and real-world environments, letting them quickly review materials and surfaces, and make design changes on the fly.

“The 3D modeling and rendering features of modo 501 have enhanced our design process in incalculable ways,” says Carroll. “We particularly love using modo to quickly visualize an array of ideas, so clients can interactively review our designs and make decisions on the direction of the final product early on in the process, saving us both time and money.”

For more information, visit Luxology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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