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Machining Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing Application Introduced

By DE Editors

The Machining Cloud Intelligent Manufacturing application, a new platform created by Machining Cloud GmbH, has been released. According to the company, the cloud-based application provides manufacturers access to resources, services and information from a centralized database.

The solution can intelligently advise manufacturers regarding best practices specific to each unique manufacturing process. Users have access to numerous analytical tools to manage processes and optimize specific cutting applications, as well as the ability to order the components needed for those solutions. Users can view and download virtual machine tools, workholding components, tooling assemblies and other related pieces.

“In some cases, what happens is that manufacturers become accustomed to performing tasks in a certain fashion and aren’t aware that there may be better methods for completing the job that could cut 20 or 30 percent from their machining time,” says Michael Taesch, MachiningCloud project manager. “For instance, Machining Cloud is able to recommend a better tool or workholder that can drastically cut machining time and make life easier in the process. When you consider that Machining Cloud is capable of making multiple suggestions over the course of multiple jobs, the time-saving advantage can be enormous.”

Because information provided by Machining Cloud can be directly connected to computer-aided-manufacturing, simulation and tool management software, the data is automatically imported and readily accessible for the generation of shop-floor documentation and properly-formatted tool lists.

For more information, visit Machining Cloud.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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