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Magma Releases Specs for ROBEN-3 Expansion Systems

Magma announced the specifications, price and availability for the new ROBEN-3 line of computer expansion systems, featuring Thunderbolt and Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) connectivity.  ROBEN-3 offers three full-length/full-height PCIe slots and can accept 5.25-in. peripherals, up to eight 2.5-in. drives, or an internal Mac mini. To support all of the system capabilities, ROBEN-3 systems feature Magma’s exclusive Quiet Temperature Controlled (QTC) cooling and a 540-Watt power supply.

“ROBEN-3 incorporates the best technology from our mission critical defense and aerospace systems,” said Magma president Tim Miller.  “With this system’s high performance potential, capacity for customization, and Thunderbolt connectivity, ROBEN-3 is the perfect sidekick for the new Apple Mac Pro.”

The ROBEN-3 system comes in three distinct Thunderbolt configurations: TX, TS and TM. All models offer three full-length/full-height PCIe slots. The TX model offers two 5.25-in. expansion bays. In the TS model, the expansion bays are replaced with eight 2.5-in. hard drive bays. The TM model offers the capability to integrate an Apple Mac mini directly into the chassis and accommodates a securable USB iLok. All model configurations include a 540-watt power supply and auxiliary power cables, and QTC cooling.

For non-Thunderbolt applications, ROBEN-3 also offers PCI Express, Generation-2 connection capability.  The PCI Express enabled models are available in standard 5.25-in. expansion bay configuration, and 2.5-in. hard drive configurations.

ROBEN-3 customers have the option of using the systems in a desktop or rack-mounted configuration. Also, by simply connecting two or more ROBEN-3 systems in a series, customers can create the performance equivalent of a server, but without the typical cost and complexity, the company says.

For more information, visit Magma.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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