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Maple Global Optimization Toolbox Offers New Problem-Solving Capabilities

Maplesoft announced a new release of the Maple Global Optimization Toolbox for solving optimization problems in mathematics, engineering, and the sciences. For this new release, Maplesoft has partnered with Noesis Solutions to develop a new version of the Toolbox that is powered by Optimus technology. Optimus is a platform for simulation process integration and design optimization.

The release features new solver methods and more options that allow customers to guide the search for the solution based on their knowledge of the particular problem. For example, customers can select different methods for locating promising new points in the design space or control the balance between computation speed and probability of success, the company says.

“More and more, in today’s competitive environment, companies cannot settle for second-best when it comes to solving their design problems,” said Laurent Bernardin, executive vice president and chief scientist at Maplesoft. “They need the best possible solution to deliver the best, most cost-effective products to their customers. With the new Maple Global Optimization Toolbox powered by Optimus technology, customers will be able to determine the best solutions to their most challenging problems.”

For more information, visit Maplesoft and Noesis Solutions.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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