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Maplesoft Servers Compromised by Security Breach

By DE Editors

Hackers breached Maplesoft’s servers and downloaded customer information, which it then used to craft a customized email to them on July 17. The email asked them to install a malicious application under the guise of a Maplesoft patch. Doing so appears to install a malware ZeuS trojan.

"The perpetrators appear to be using email addresses they have taken from the database to spread viruses or malware," according to a statement on Maplesoft’s site. "The perpetrators are posing as Maplesoft in an attempt to have individuals they email click on a link or download a malicious piece of software."

The statement goes on to warn against responding to these emails or opening any attachments or clicking any download links in them.

"Upon investigation by Maplesoft’s IT staff, the security breach was discovered and Maplesoft took immediate corrective actions to stop the breach and prevent further unauthorized access to Maplesoft’s databases," the statement said. "All of the individuals affected by the security breach have been alerted by Maplesoft directly."

Maplesoft said customers’ financial information was not compromised by the breach.

For more information as it becomes available, visit Maplesoft’s security web page or call 519-747-2373.

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