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Maplesoft Updates Mathematical Software

Maplesoft announces a new release of its flagship product, Maple, its mathematical software that is designed to make it easy to analyze, explore, visualize and solve math problems, the company reports. Maple 2018 includes improvements to how customers interact with Maple. The release also includes a collection of improvements in advanced mathematics, visualization, specialized application areas and more.

Maple 2018 provides numerous improvements to enhance customer experience and offers benefits to all users. Image courtesy of Maplesoft.

Maple 2018 provides improvements to enhance customer experience and offers benefits to all users. Image courtesy of Maplesoft.

Improvements in the new release include the following:

  • an intelligent Context Panel, which enhances some of Maple’s Clickable Math tools, providing point-and-click access to a wide variety of mathematical operations and other Maple tools;
  • enhancements to Maple’s code editor, which makes writing, debugging and maintaining Maple code and Maple-based applications easier;
  • deeper integration of units into the mathematics engine that simplifies units-based calculations; and
  • new options for protecting work from modification or viewing, so customers can share their work while remaining in control of their content.

Maple 2018 also includes improvements that deepen its capabilities, as well as new features that broaden its applicability. Core mathematical enhancements were made in integration, ordinary and partial differential equations, simplification, graph theory and more. New abilities include computational geometry, support for performing computations involving thermochemical properties of chemical species, generating practice sheets for students that are graded by Maple automatically and interpolating unstructured data.

“While every release of Maple includes a host of improvements across many different areas of the product, people use Maple for very different tasks, and not every change will be equally important to every user. But Maple 2018 is not a release to skip over,” says Dr. Laurent Bernardin, chief operating officer and chief scientist at Maplesoft.

Maple is available in several languages including French, Simplified Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese. A Japanese version of Maple 2018 will be available soon.

For more information, visit Maplesoft.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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