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Materialise Releases Mimics 12.1

By DE Editors

Materialise (Leuven, Belgium) released Mimics 12.1, one of its biannual releases of its Mimics medical image processing software. The new release features capabilities that focus on linking medical images to finite element applications.

Among the new features in Mimics 12.1 are volume meshing capabilities, export to the new ANSYS Workbench format, and export to the COMSOL format. The ability to export to all other major FEA and CFD packages is still part of the software.

A brand new volume mesher enables Mimics 12.1 to prepare scanner images for FEA/CFD simulation through a single streamlined process. The process of transitioning from scans to instantly usable files is as follows in five steps: segment the image data to create a 3D object, optimize the surface mesh, generate volume mesh, assign material properties, and export the result to the FEA/CFD package of your choice.

Non-FEA features of Mimics 12.1 include a new flood-fill tool for easy segmentation, a range of image filters to improve the quality of the images, and the ability to group and manipulate centerlines for the analysis of arteries or airways.

For further information, visit Materialise.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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