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Math Engine Expands Excel

By DE Editors

Universal Technical Systems Inc.(UTS; Rockford, IL) is offering a free Packager and Player tool thatlets TK Solver 5.0 Premium Edition users dynamically link mathematicalmodels to an Excel spreadsheet and package the file to send off toothers.

The Packager automatically converts files into a mini-application(.exe, .zip, .tkx) that can be shared with anyone. No specialprogramming is needed to make this happen. The Player is acollaborative math engine that can be downloaded from the UTS websitefree of charge. Once downloaded, the Player runs behind the scenes andenables Excel users to take advantage of TK Solver functionality fromthe Excel interface.

Package recipients can interact with the model by changing inputs andviewing the outputs as well as performing automatic unit conversionsand iterative calculations. Recipients can also take advantage of TKSolver’s extensive NIST thermodynamic and transport property functions.Although totally interactive, your original formulas and models remainprotected, and the recipient is not able to view or modify them.

To download a free trial of TK Solver 5.0 and fdor more details on the Packerand Player tool, visitthe UTS website.

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