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Mathematica Optimized for Intel-based Macs

By DE Editors

Wolfram Research (Champaign, IL) just announced that its MathematicaUniversal 5.2 computational engine for engineering analysis, scientificresearch, and modeling software has been optimized for Intel-basedMacintosh computers. The company says that this optimization makesMathematica the first professional application to run natively on IntelMac, excluding Apple’s Universal product line.

Mathematica has supported the Macintosh platform for many years, and ithas supported Intel chips for at least 20 years. Last year, Wolfram wasthe first—and, it says, the only—technical software company to offer a64-bit Mac platform when it released Mathematica Universal 5.2.

The Mathematica Universal release is said to capitalize on theincreased speed of the Intel Core Duo processor chip and is able to runon both Intel and PowerPC Macs. The Mathematica 5.2 update for theIntel Mac can be immediately downloaded from the Wolfram Research. Itcosts $1,880 (US and Canada), which includes a year of full service.International prices may vary, and academic and volume discounts areavailable. Existing Premier Service customers may be eligible for acomplimentary update or system transfer.

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