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Meggitt Introduces Endevco "Flip-Chip" MEMS Pressure Transducer Die

By DE Editors

Meggitt Sensing Systems has announced the global market introduction of the Endevco model 40931, a low-cost MEMS-based flip-chip mountable piezoresistive pressure transducer die, designed to provide high-accuracy, high-repeatability performance within medical OEM, surface airflow and other pressure measurement applications calling for high output within a micro-miniature package.

Offered with a 0 to 15 psia range and with 200 mV full-scale output (with 5 Vdc sensor excitation), the compact device measures 1.65 mm long by 1.2 mm wide by 0.4 mm tall. A uniquely sculptured silicon diaphragm design provides high sensitivity, high overpressure capability and a combined 0.5 percent non-linearity, non-repeatability and hysteresis specification, making it one of the most accurate pressure transducers of its size and type on the market today.

Four connection pads allow for the sensor to be flip chip mounted to a circuit or substrate using conductive epoxy. The MEMS pressure-sensing element, located on the top of the sensor package, enables surface mounting and serves as the active sensing element for absolute pressure measurements.

For more information, visit Meggitt Sensing Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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