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Meggitt Introduces Endevco General Purpose Piezoelectric Accelerometer Series

By DE Editors

Meggitt Sensing Systems now offers the Endevco model 2224C series, a family of piezoelectric accelerometers designed for general purpose vibration measurements of smaller structures and components, as well as shaker tables, within aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial, and in-laboratory applications.
Meggitt 2224C

Offered with a 12 pC/g sensitivity, the model 2224C series features a 10-32 top connector for convenient mounting within space constrained environments. Series accelerometers incorporate the use of Meggitt s own proprietary piezoelectric crystal technology, operating in annular shear mode. Sensor construction allows for low base strain sensitivity, high resonance frequency and excellent output stability over time. Signal ground is connected to the outer case of the unit and, when used with isolated mounting stud, is electrically case isolated from ground. A low-noise coaxial cable, the Endevco 3090C-120, is supplied for error-free operation, along with a 10-32 mounting stud and installation wrench.

Optional accessories, sold separately, include the Endevco 2771C-XX remote charge converter; 2775B benchtop signal conditioner; 133 three-channel piezoelectric signal conditioner; or the 4990A (Oasis) rack mounted signal conditioner and power supply. Various isolation mounts and magnetic mounting bases (both isolated and non-isolated) are also available.

For more information, visit Meggitt Sensing Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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