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Meggitt Sensing Systems Introduces High-Temperature Accelerometers

By DE Editors

Meggitt Sensing Systems has introduced the Endevco model 6240M10, a hermetically sealed high-temperature piezoelectric charge output accelerometer with continuous operation to +649 degrees C (+1200 degrees F), and intermittent operation to +760 degrees C (+1400 F). The high-reliability of this transducer within such extreme high-temperature environments makes it suited for aircraft and ground gas turbine engine vibration monitoring, as well as exhaust and compression systems and high-temperature machinery and equipment.

Offered with a high sensitivity of 5 pC/g for low-level vibration analysis, the accelerometer offers excellent performance stability over temperature and a wide operational bandwidth. Its compact size allows it to be installed within space-constrained environments. Units are ground isolated and feature a sensitive axis in-line with its supplied mounting bolt, with optional transverse version. Piezoelectric sensing elements and integral shield are also isolated from the case. Electrical connection is achieved via integral hardline triaxial cable, terminating in a 10-32 receptacle.

As a self-generating device, the accelerometer requires no external power source for operation.

For more information, visit Meggitt Sensing Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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