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Mentor Graphics adds S1000D Compliance to Capital Software

Mentor Graphics announced support for the S1000D documentation standard as part of the latest Capital software release. The Capital suite addresses vehicle electrical system definition, design, manufacture and service. Users can automatically generate S1000D-compliant information packages directly from their electrical design data using the Capital Publisher tool. Also new in this release is tablet device support, enhanced security, and further support for regulatory compliance.

Capital Publisher delivers a navigable, vehicle/configuration-specific environment for maintenance technicians. With the new Capital release this environment can now be delivered to tablet devices, which may be either online or offline, allowing technicians to troubleshoot in remote locations.

“Rapid fault rectification is a particularly high-impact activity,” said Martin O’Brien, general manager of Mentor’s integrated electrical systems division. “It directly affects the availability of industrial vehicles ranging from agriculture equipment to military aircraft, while for passenger cars or motorcycles the impact is felt in terms of reduced repair costs and improved brand image. Delivering electrical system troubleshooting assistance to mobile platforms is a natural extension of the Capital capability first introduced in 2011.”

For more information, visit Mentor Graphics.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.


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