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Metris K-SCAN MMD Boosts Scanning Performance

By DE Editors

October 2, 2007 — Metris (Leuven, Belgium) released its next generation K-Scan handheld laser scanning system. The Metris K-Scan MMD blends the all-digital Metris ModelMaker D laser scanning and Metris Optical CMM continuous probe tracking.

Optical probe tracking enables the operator to freely walk around and efficiently acquire surface scans of the measurement object. The ergonomic lightweight housing of Metris K-Scan MMD makes the system suitable for onsite 3D geometry digitizing and inspection, covering small parts up to an entire vehicle. It also features material scanning capabilities and reaches effective throughput in the market, according to the press release.

With 40 infrared LEDs built into the laser scanner housing, the Metris Optical CMM accurately tracks probe position and orientation in real time. This unit also features motion compensation in case the measurement object should be moved inadvertently, avoiding intermediate re-alignment.

Optical probe tracking technology in combination with Metris MMD laser scanning creates a handheld measurement tool for accurate part-to-CAD inspection and productive reverse engineering. Through Enhanced Sensor Performance technology for continuous parameter adaptation, Metris K-Scan MMD offers material scanning capabilities that require minimum user interaction. This ensures maximum sensor performance during scanning when surface material, color, and reflectivity may vary.

The scanner’s lightweight carbon fiber housing is designed for premium ergonomic use and is interchangeable with articulated arms from Metris and other leading manufacturers. The K-Scan MMD is driven by Metris KUBE software, which references, visualizes and meshes the scanned object. The resulting point clouds can be analyzed instantly in Metris KUBE or exported to Metris Focus for more detailed investigation.

For more information, go to Metris.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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