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Metrologic Group release Metrolog X4 3D Inspection Software

By DE Editors

Metrologic Group has released the new X4 architecture of its Metrolog 3D measurement software. Release 1.00 is compatible with all types of portable measuring devices, polyarticulated arms, laser tracker, photogrammetry systems, manual CMMs, and the latest optical sensors on the market.

Users can attend and preview actions in real time, providing the option to edit or validate the inspection process more quickly. The software’s 64-bit architecture also provides the ability to handle very large file sizes for CAD data and/or point clouds.

The user interface has been improved, and the software takes advantage of the possibilities offered by multiprocessor workstations with parallel computing distributed across multiple cores. Data storage optimization ensures a complete follow-up measurement data and acquisition means characteristics.

The software also features improved algorithms, dynamic links between elements, and an optimized work environment.

For more information, visit Metrologic Group.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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